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June 17 2017 ~ Daniels Ridge MX

Got to go to Daniels Ridge MX today!  My DAUGHTERS, not my son, wanted to try out some MX!!!  It was a great night and it brought back memories of when our son raced there!  We still call this our home track!!!

Richie Clippard, his wife, Thomas Wall and the rest of the people working there made for a fun night!  The track was in great shape, they had all new lights to light up the track at night and there were plenty of little kids out there getting their start as well!  They all looked so cute with their big helmets on!!!  The confidence they all had was great!!!  I was so excited to take pictures there again!!!!  

We love going back there and what they give back to the racers at the Series End banquet is just great!!!  There are trophies, cash, and tons of stuff from the sponsors!!!  So go check the track out and if you can't run the whole series, just go get some practice on and/or try out a race or two.

Thanks to the Clippards for a great night!!!!  See ya'll again soon!

October 30, 2016 - NCHSA Round 14 Denver Classic II

  Hello All! Well it's been a long few days trying to get all these photos edited and uploaded! It felt like I'd never get done! Thanks to everyone for your patience! So, the weekend started off with trick or treating on Saturday and a pot luck dinner with all those who camped. It was so much fun! Weather was perfect and I believe everyone had a great time! I look forward to doing this again! The photos that were taken that day/evening are free to download!Just click on them and they are yours!

Sunday was so much fun! A huge thanks to Todd Palmer of Palmer Motorsports for providing the Podium and champagne for the celebration of the morning races! I think the kids had a blast! Big thanks to Thomas Wall, Renee White Fraley and Pam Holman Robinson for MCing the Podium riders! Y'all did great!!!

Now for a few updates on some of the racers who had wrecks on Sunday. Taylor Roten of the 9 o'clock race (Women-D class): I checked with her and she let me know that she is out of the hospital and home with no broken bones but she did suffer a concussion. She wanted me to tell everyone that helped her Thank you and she said she will be racing at Brown Jug.

Tanner Jenkins and I messaged and he had a bad wreck in the 3 o'clock race. He doesn't remember how the wreck happened, but he was airlifted out. He told me he came home from the hospital yesterday and will be OK. He suffered a severe concussion, is blind in his left eye and has nerve damage to his legs. The whole left side of his body is in rough shape. He was told it will be several weeks until he should be back to normal.

Grayson Sale raced the 3 o'clock race Lt-C-12-15. He crashed hard and broke his shoulder blade.  He's in a sling and should heal fine without surgery.

Willie Bradshaw is doing well too! He didn't have a wreck, but was seen with the first aid squad at the end of the 3 o'clock race. I don't know about anyone else. So if anyone has any other updates, feel free to add. It was an exciting but scary and emotional weekend! I just hate hearing when the riders get hurt! Thanks for all those who helped them!

I'd like to give a big shout out to my 17 year old daughter Liz Babitz She gave racing a try this weekend! I'm so proud of her! She has been riding dirt bikes since she was little, but never raced. She was thinking about trying it and kept changing her mind. I told her she didn't want to be my age and wished she tried it. So she gave it a shot! She had a rough ride and did just over a lap and a half! haha She is banged up pretty good, but said she had fun and wants to do it again! So now it's official we have Team Babitz Racing! hahahahahaha Also a big Hell Yeah, for my son Johnny Babitz getting the win in his class for two races in a row! He's been stepping it up lately and he's doing fantastic! Thanks to Marc Hilton of Motovationsracing for the fantastic suspension work he's done for Johnny's KTM.  And last but not least my daughter Lexie! She's holding her own this season racing again some awesome girls like Kassie Farr Taylor Roten Ashley Lynn Fowler and is finishing in the top 3 a lot of the time!

Cannot wait to see what she'll bring once she's on her 85!!!

Well, this is long enough! I had a lot to say.....a lot happened! :)

Hugs and Fist Pumps to all!  See everyone at Brown Jug!

October 18, 2016 - NCHSA Round 13 Flat Rock

I'm so excited to say that as of right now, my photos have been viewed 2,063,672 times! Yes, you saw that right! Over 2 million views!!! Brushy Mountain I 3 o'clock takes 1st place with the most views followed by Hawk Creek 12 o'clock then Lost Valley 12 o'clock! To some, this may not be a big deal, but it is for me and I couldn't be more excited!

This past race was a fantastic weekend for the Babitz racers! Johnny Babitz bringing home his first big bike win and Lexie almost getting her first holeshot since her start of racing and bringing home a 3rd place finish!

Prayers for #137 Colton Shields (Mini-D racer) Colton crashed in the 10:30 race. preliminary reports are that he suffered a spiral fracture to his shin bone.

Again, I had a fun-filled day with meeting more of you in person, without your gear on. I don't always get to put a name with a face and if I already had met you and starting introducing myself to you again, I apologize, it's just overwhelming sometimes! I promise I will get the names and faces straight, just might take some time. But them I'm at it all over again, because the season will end and then next year everyone will have new bikes, new gear, new haircuts, change classes etc! uggghhhh, the struggle never ends! haha Thanks for everyone's patience! Oh! And OMG, there were so many babies!!!! They are so damn cute and I had fun getting pictures of them on the bikes at the start line and on top of shoulders etc!!

A highlight of my day, was a 9 o'clock racer who went down on a hill. He looked up the hill at me and waved me down to help him. Of course I obliged and got him back up and going. After placing my camera down on a pile of rocks!!

Well, I look forward to Denver on Halloween weekend! Remember, for those who camp or wish to camp....On Saturday afternoon everyone there brings candy for the kids, some decorate alittle and they trick or treat from camper to camper, we play corn hole, eat and hang around the campfires! It's a lot of fun and a great way to meet everyone from the NCHSA series! Plus they have early signup starting at 3 o'clock!

Hugs and Fist Pumps!!!  See ya!

August 9, 2016 - NCHSA Round 9 Lost Valley Motorsports

It's been several months since I've blogged and about a month since we were last at a race.  We went on vacation, so we missed Brushy Mountain.   TBH - I hate when we miss a race....I miss everyone too much!

So!  NCHSA got to have a race at Lost Valley!  (Former Rockhouse)  See, I have never been to Rockhouse, so when we got to Lost Valley, I had high expectations from everything that I had heard about it!!  They were all met!  The grounds were beautiful!  The people were nice and we had a great turn out!  I wish all the NCHSA races were as big as this one!  It was like a huge family reunion!  We had the NCHSA(ers), the Mideast(ers) and the GNCC(ers)!  It was awesome!

With so many people there, my age caught up with me once again and slapped me in the face!  I spoke to a very nice woman on Saturday.  She told me that a rider's mom had told her to say hi to me if she saw me!  She introduced herself as MaryBeth and she was sitting on the back of her husbands dirt bike.  His name was Sterling!  I said "Nice to meet you!  That's an original name, I'll always remember you two!"  Then race day comes!  I'm running all over the place, yelling for the racers, cheering on my kids, cheering on everyone else's kids, taking pictures, etc... all the normal things I do at a race.  Well, at the start of the 3 o'clock race I meet this really nice woman.  She's blond, petite and is wearing a cute little hat.  We talked about the beach, the mountains, how her husband likes to do racing for fun and she's here to video tape his start. (Ya know, because I like to talk so when I talk with someone we have to cover every subject possible)  Well, the race is about to start so I say it's been nice meeting you!  Good luck to your husband.  She says "Thank you, but we met yesterday."  "We did?" I said?  "Yes, we talked to each other yesterday."  I had no idea I spoke to this person.  Considering there wasn't many people at the track on Saturday, I'm sure she thought it odd that I didn't remember her! lol  With that said, I apologized and told her how I meet a lot of people at one time, and I sometimes get confused with who I know and who I don't.  She was very understanding!  We parted ways...3 hours later it dawned on me!  I DID remember that I met her!  She was MaryBeth!  Ya know, the woman with the uniquely named husband...STERLING that I would never forget!

So why am I saying all of this?....Well, because I know I mix people up all the time!  I truly try to remember each and every one of you and I want to remember who belongs to who.  But everyone always looks so different!   Especially the riders!  Because they always have to change bikes, change gear, change the numbers on the bikes!  So I just want to apologize if we've met before and I seem alittle confused at times.  It's just that my aging brain doesn't remember like it used to!  I remember faces, and I know I know you, but some times the name escapes me!  I'm sure many of you can relate! :)

Well, with that said, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you!  Since I was young, I was always the one taking the photos....making the memories....and for some odd reason I wasn't able to make a career out of it.  But at least I can say, I can do what I love and who knows where it will bring me.   Thank you all, for the support you give me and I so look forward to seeing everyone at every race!  See everyone at Shane's Farm!  This is another favorite track of mine! :)

June 12, 2016 - NCHSA Round 6 Windy Hill

How ya feeling?! HOT, HOT, HOT!  Oh my goodness it was terrible hot at Windy Hill this weekend!  BUT, I still had a fantastic time!  The heat did not stop me from taking those photos!  But it did slow me down a bit to sit and talk with a few people throughout the weekend!  Thank you to Andrew Kent's dad for giving me a few waters here and there!  Thanks to the Newton's and Keller's for waiting at the finish line with water and cold towels for the racers when they were done!

So many people stopped me to thank me for taking the photos, and tell me how much they appreciate it and love looking at them time and time again!  I had one family tell me that they got on the website the other day and spent a couple of hours looking through them all!  That is awesome to me!

So it got me thinking.....I sometimes think I have too many photos uploaded!  But I can't help it. They all aren't perfect shots, but that's because I'm totally new at this!   I go through each one by one.  Although it takes time, I just love doing it!  Going through them one by one, I sometimes laugh out loud because a racer passing me sees me out of the corner of their eye and they throw a leg out the side  to try and do a trick over a jump, or they give me a Whoo hoo as they go by and when I see the photo, I remember that!  A lot of the time, the racers may be losing steam so, I in turn, give them little Whoo Hoo or a few words or inspiration (whatever I can yell in a few splits seconds), and then they shoot up off their seat and give themselves that little extra push they are needing to finish the next lap!

Sometimes, I get the spectacular crash (of course if someone is hurt, I do stop taking the photo to see if they are ok and need help) but first thing out of their mouth is "Did you get that!?"  If I say no, sorry, they are actually disappointed! haha  Then there are the spectators!  They used to cover their faces or quick turn the other way to avoid getting their photo taken.  Now, they point at me, make a goofy face, pose for the camera, give the peace sign!  It's so much fun!

You may notice some of the photos may not be as vivid as others, or there may be little blur to them, but if they aren't all that bad, I may leave them up there because that may be the only photo I got of that person that day, or it may have been the first time they jumped a jump and I have the shot, but it's blurry, but maybe that person won't care!  So I just leave them up there.  Sometimes I can't explain why the photos don't come out good, because I have the camera on the same setting, but the lighting may be a bit different or the racer may be coming at me a little slower or faster or I have to run out of the way because I might get run over!  (Lord knows I don't want to be that one dummy that gets in the way of a racer)  It may be all these reasons, but truth is.....I'm new at this and still have a lot to learn!  I'm so glad I get to learn with all of you!  Plus, nothing is ever perfect, and maybe what I think may not be a "perfect" photo may be the perfect one to someone else!

So with all that said, I'm about to reach a milestone of 1 MILLION views since the start of the website!  OMG!  1 MILLION views!  I just think that is FANTASTIC! (A truly wonderful friend of mine uses this word, and I just love it!)  The 1 MILLION views mark means to me that what I'm doing is something people are enjoying!  So lets keep looking at the photos, sharing my link, commenting on the photos! 

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  I absolutely look forward to every single race and wish there were more!  See you all at Round 7 ~ Denver!  Hugs and fist pumps to all!

May 15, 2016 - NCHSA Round 5 Rattlesnake Ridge Round 5

Hey all!  WOW!  How about that Endurocross Log Pit!!!!  Crazy!  I saw people that had come through it once already, come around for the second time, stop and just stare at it, take a deep breath and just go for it!!!  Some made it, some didn't!  My son made it through the first 2 times, but struggled some the last few times!  Kudos to all who where able to finish and hell, kudos to those who even gave it a try!!!!  I cringed at some of the crashes and was amazed how y'all got right back up and got back to racing!!!

With that said, we all know the "crash photos" is what everyone wants!  Well, I sure did get a lot of them!  It was just crazy.  But it was just as fun taking photos of those who didn't crash, so I got a lot of them as well!

Shout out to my kids for placing 7th and 3rd!  I also want to give a big thank you to those who helped my daughter when she went down and those who helped my son by the log pit!  I love knowing people are watching out for each other!  It was a fun weekend, as usual and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!!  See everyone at Windy Hill - if you haven't been, this is a fun weekend and great for spectators!

Love, Lisa

April 24, 2016 - NCHSA Rattlesnake Ridge Round 4

Today I got my first sunburn of the year!  Yes, it was a beautiful day!  Dust and all!  Good Lord the dust was just insane and proved to be a force to reckon with when taking my photos.  I'm no pro, so I did the best I could!  I think I still got some cool shots!  Hope y'all like them! 

Throughout the day, I heard a lot of people having bike issues!  Flat tires, brakes going out, chains coming off, bikes overheating!  It was crazy!    My son was one of those!  He got a great start and was racing just awesome!  He was in a line of 20+ riders and got off to a 5th place start!  1 1/2 laps in, he had to stop because all of his coolant leaked out and he overheated!  Thanks to everyone who looked for my husband and I to let us know he was safe and just hanging out at check point waiting to be towed out. :)  Saying prayers for Glenn Drum for a speedy recovery and a shout out to my girl, Lexie, for just racing her little heart out and placing 4th in her class!!  

Another thing I notice all the time, at all the races, and want  to mention is the proud parents, family and friends of all the racers!!  The smiles and high fives, the clapping and cheering for them on the sides of the track!   The hugs,  the laughter, the fist pumps!  The silence during the prayer at the start of the race!  The loud roar of the engines after the National Anthem and that first kick of the bike after the flag drops!!!  I just LOVE IT!

No denying that race families are "Da Bomb"!  Big hugs to each and every one of you!  See you at Brushy Mountain!!!  So excited to finally get to camp!

April 10 2016 - NCHSA Flat Rock Round 3

Hey all!  Today was absolutely fantastic!  Spent an awesome day with friends and family!  Got to meet some more new people today and witness a few race their very first race!  I have to apologize about the Pee Wee race!  I don't know how and this has never happened before, but I didn't even know the race started and by the time I found was over!!!  I missed the Pee Wee race!  I feel horrible!  I did get only a few photos afterwards.  Please accept my apologies!

My daughter (Lexie #939) have every intention of doing one lap and stopping.  Flat Rock was little tough for her last year on her 90!  Well......she did awesome today!  Not only did she stick with it and finish the race, BUT, she finished 2nd!!!!  I'm sooooo proud of her!  Then my son ran the 3 o'clock race (Johnny #680).  This is his 3rd race on the 125 and he did awesome!  He finished with a solid 8th out of 19!  I'm super proud of him as well!  The coolest thing is that the plaque that was issued was full of my photos and it's the first plaque to have my son on the plaque AND my name as the photographer!  I was soooooo excited!  This just absolutely made my day!  And to top it all off, my oldest, Liz, started her first job today and survived!  LOL

Oh one more important thing!  Brandon Wiant did the sweetest thing today!  Skyler Stanley, #49 a Pro racer, announced the other day that after suffering his 8th concussion, he will no longer be racing.  He made the tough but smart choice.  We all know this was a hard decision for him.  As a result of that, Brandon Wiant (Mini-A class) dedicated this race to Skyler and he had his name and number on his hand guards!  This was very sweet and I'm sure Skyler is going to love that he did that for him!  I do have a photo - It will be in the 10:30 Mini-A race gallery.

Thanks to everyone for making today a lot of fun!  Can't wait for the warmer weather and look forward to seeing everyone at Rattlesnake Ridge!!!!!

April 4, 2016

Hey all!  Well, Johnny didn't race this year at GNCC Steele Creek race, but we still made it up for Sunday.  I was able to take a bunch of photos for the 10 o'clock race and a little bit of the 12 o'clock race.  I hope you like them!

It was actually fun just going to the race and being able to just watch!  It was great seeing everyone and look forward to next weekend at Flat Rock for the NCHSA race!  I've uploaded the updated NCHSA Schedule.  Denver I has moved from May to July!

Good luck to everyone wherever you are racing next weekend, be safe and a big thanks for being the biggest part of what I love to do!  Without y'all it wouldn't be possible!  Big hugs!!!


March 24, 2016

North Wilkesboro was so fun!  It ALMOST didn't rain, but couldn't get out of there in time!  Oh well, had a blast!  I met some more new people, got to hang with the Cooke Family and get some adorable shots of their awesome son and got to watch my son and daughter do what they love!   My "entourage" seems to be growing too with those who hang with me while I take the pictures! LOL   

I hope you like the photos from this race.  I'm trying some new things.  I do plan on getting more of the "Gotcha When You Wasn't Looking'" shots.  I didn't get enough of them this time!!!

Well, see y'all at Flat Rock!  Please sign my guest book and/or comment on the photos!  I love to hear what everyone has to say!  Also, feel free to email me any time with questions, feedback etc.

I want to thank my husband for getting us to the race and hanging in there for the day!  He was sooooo sick and he sucked it up for the family and got us there and home safe and sound!  Love you honey!

Once again, thanks for being the most important part of what I love to do!

March 18, 2016

Hi all!  Plans have changed and I'm so happy to say, I'll be at Wilkesboro this Sunday!  Can't wait to see everyone and hope the bad weather passes!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have added more items to my price list.  Now you can purchase coffee mugs, mouse pads etc.  I figured items like these would make great presents for father's day, mother's day, etc....

I'm so excited for what this season has in store for us!  Like I've mentioned, I've been taking photo classes, so my photos are only going to get better with time!  After I uploaded the first race photos, I started tracking the number of views.  In the month of February, there were over 130,000 views!  130,000!!!!!  That's crazy and sooooooo exciting!  Thank you so much!!

Can't wait to see everyone!!  If you have questions about the photos, what to order, how to order etc... please do not hesitate to send me a message at

Thanks all for being the main part of what I love to do!!!!

February 21, 2016

Well Hawk Creek was super fun!  I was able to take over 3000 pictures!  I wasn't expecting that much mud, but it made for great photos!  I was really feeling my age on Monday! haha  I loved seeing everyone!  It was my daughter's first race with her 65 (learning the clutch) She did fantastic!  Then Johnny raced his first Big Bike race and finished 7th in the Lt-C-12-15 class!  Very proud of both of them!  Thanks for all who cheer for them!  I hear it on their go pro videos!

I had some problems uploading the pictures, but figured out what the problem was.  Saying that, I do see that there are some shots that were uploaded that look like the didn't completely upload or look weird.  Please don't order these.  I'm trying to figure out how to get them off the site and it's not proving to be easy.  If you want that picture and it does look like I described above, please email me I'll be able to look for the original and get it fixed.

I know a lot of people were crashing all over the place, so I hope everyone is fine.  I heard of only two injuries.  Conner Smith and Garrett Hamby.  Conner crashed pretty hard and thankfully no broken ribs, however he did have cartilage damage.  He'll be ready to race Florida!!!  Garrett cracked a few ribs, but is OK as well.  Ethan Jones crashed really hard right at my feet, laid there a few minutes and as he was getting up he said "You better have gotten that on camera, that hurt like hell!"  haha  He was fine as well.  

Oh!  And thanks to Renee Fraley for climbing under the Thornburg's camper to get them out of the mud!  Brave girl! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next race!  Wilkesboro always proves to be a fun track!

Thanks for being a part of what I love to do!!!

February 16, 2016

So excited the NCHSA Season is about to begin!    Just 5 more days!!!  The weekend is suppose to be absolutely beautiful and we will be racing at a new track, Hawk Creek!  I've been taking some photography courses and am excited to start the new season and take new photos!  This season I get to be there all day for all the races.  My daughter is racing the 9:00 race and my son is racing the 3:00 race!

Can't wait to see everyone!  If we haven't had a chance to meet, make sure to come up and introduce yourself!  I know there will be a lot of racers changing classes, gear, bikes etc, so it may take me some time to get used to who is who this season but I promise you,  I will figure out who everyone is quickly.

See y'all Sunday!  And don't forget to take a look at my website a couple of days after the races to see the photographs!  Good luck racers!

January 2016

I've decided to take the advice of many of you and start my own photography website!  What started out as just taking pictures to keep memories alive for my family has turned into something so much bigger!

The last two years taking pictures at the races and volleyball games have inspired me to chase a dream!  I'm typically not a dream chaser, but because of the joy the photos give  me and those of who I take the pictures of, I figured I'd give it a shot!

I'm looking forward to a great 2016!!!!  Hoping to get some individual photo shoots done and some other creative ideas I have up my sleeve! 

If you have any questions please email me at  Check back often for blog updates!  See y'all at the races!